Lucas Parker part. 1




Daddy’s good boy.

Hot fuck

My kind of fucking.. Hard & rough from a scruffy daddy.

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Sometimes, when we’re arguing and it’s clear I’m not listening to a thing he’s saying, he’ll just pop off a biceps flex - to get my attention and make me shut up.  It works every time.  He’ll then calmly explain his position and he knows I’ll agree with him - EVERY time.  I really just start the arguments to get him to do this!  

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My friend said he had sent me a present for my birthday.  I assumed he meant it was in the mail.  When I asked him if it was bigger than a bread box - he answered, “Much bigger.”  He then added, “It should be arriving in your front yard in about five minutes.  Have fun.”

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I noticed him staring at me the entire time I was working out.  At the end of my time in the gym I decided to give him a little show - knowing it would offer him a “happy ending” to the hard thing pressing against his gym shorts.  I lifted my shirt and didn’t even look up - the sound of him moaning out loud and quickly falling to a nearby bench meant my show had been sufficient.    

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"The roast is in the oven," he said.  "It’ll take about an hour and a half to cook.  That’s enough time for me to put my big hard roast in you, dude."  This made me smile.  

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